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WHAT WE DO: We Serve humanity to have a better living both spiritually and physically as we wait for the coming of Jesus Christ.

Who we are: GOD WITH US MINISTRY is Ministry dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice..as we preach Jesus and repentance. We serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. We are non governmental organization, non -socio-economical, non-political and non-profit organization.

We are registered as a Ministry or Church in Kenya, Under the Government organization registration act and have been approved license to operate.

Who fit in: Everyone is welcome to partner with us, as far as you are interested in Missions, reaching out to the lost souls, have any a willingness to support us and believes in rescuing those who are perishing. We love to partner with you as individual also. All Churches, Organization, Philanthropist, Donors, Individuals, Groups, Clubs, and all, no matter who you are or where you come from Just the love of God is enough.

We conduct:
International programs for international missionaries, tourist, Volunteer workers, others and outreach in East Africa..praying that the lord helps us in this.

We support:
International team or partners to make sure that they are safe and their mission is totally accomplished..Even us they support our community.

We organize:
Crusades, Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops. Also we help international missionaries to be located in the right place of their mission field, gives them guidance and assistance they needed to fulfil their missions. We are non-denominational. We are committed to reaching the UN-Reached people group in the rural communities and Villages in Kenya and other parts of East Africa.

Our mission strategies:
Reaching out to the unreached in the villages of Africa..Strategy...Annual medical outreach for the Orphans, widows, homeless, sick, and the less privileged, HIV/Aids and Malaria Fever victims. Setting up private School and Vocational Centre for the youth’s, joblessness and unemployed. Drilling wells for fresh water supply for rural communities'. Providing library service, quality Education.

Our focus is on:
Missions and rural, villages projects, like providing fresh and good drinking water for the village communities,(Boreholes)Free books, Reading, Writing, Sandals, Shoes, School Uniforms, School Desk, Computers, Paying of School fees, and other Educational materials to the less privileged in the poorest communities in Ghana. To impact lives and see lives changing.

Our target is on:
The youth/young adults getting them trained, and getting them involved in missions, leadership roles in communities. Give them skilful training to develop themselves and be a blessing to their communities.

Our mandate is:
To liberate mankind from poverty, ignorance, and instability in Christian faith. We love all mankind, no matter where you come from and where you live; we love you and are proud of you.

Our Services: We need partners to join hands with us

1.Feed thee Hungry----------------------------Free Food Supply
2.Provide clean drinking water--------------Free Water Supply
3.Clothing the naked---------------------------Free Clothing Supply
4.Accommodate the Orphans, Widows--------Free Shelter
5.Heal the Sick-----------------------------------Free Medical Outreach
6.Intercede for the weak-----------------------Prayer Ministry
7.Encourage those in Prison-----------------Visitations/Counselling
8.Strengthen the weak------------------------Education /Free Materials Supply.
9. We need Motor bike,4 Wheel drive cars, and other Missionaries Van to carry our missionaries and partners when you come in Kenya and Uganda for missions. You can help us to buy or donate one to us.
We also are fundraising to get $10,000 to help renovate and manage the centre that is in a bad state now.

You can be part of any of this Vision by simply donating and supporting us. You can donate; support, or sponsor a project and God will bless you, family, work and business.  so be proud of being a blessing to others through this ministry. You can contact us also if you want to adopt a child or sponsor a child in Kenya or Uganda, and we will work things out, Amen.

Contact US NOW.

www.godwithusmissionteam.blogspot.com or www.godwithusministry.blogspot.com

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