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GOD WITH US MINISTRY in Bungoma district and registered under the Office of Registrar of societies Act Cap 108 with registration number: 37296. It serves as ministry the disadvantaged, the affected poor managilized people in the community being prayed for in order to obtain perfect healing (We believe on divine healing from the Lord Jesus Christ), street/abandoned children, widows and orphans in the communities living in Bungoma Western and Busia.
Our mission is to provide the widows, people living with HIV/AIDS as they are being prayed for, street /abandoned children and orphans of Kenya with the assistance to live a life that is decent and filled with the necessities of life and also to empower them by providing skills and knowledge that are necessary to negotiate support to maintain self reliance. We are very dedicated to making sure the needs of the widows, people living with HIV/AIDS, street/abandoned children, and orphans that come to our organization for assistance can be met at Community level.
Our vision is to improve the well being of widows, street/abandoned children and orphans to enable them live normal and dignified life. God with us ministry started by the help of the Director Moses Wanyonyi who had a vision to help orphans and widows in Kamasielo kimilili by starting a self – help informal school {humanity centre} which opened its doors some years back with 8 children in the. It was started from pre-school to Primary, solidly for the street children, needy/poor and orphans. The idea of starting humanity centre was born after discussing with his elder son together with Chief within the district. The organization started its operation in KIMILILI before shifting to Chebukwa.
The Community is grateful for their relentless support they have offered. Just hosting us in one of the houses as we plan to build a class Room being that we have already bought some piece of land. We have 2 teachers who work as volunteers. The group together with the chairman have been lobbying for funds for the project’s sustenance to date. Most of the new children {orphans and newly rehabilitated street children} do not have even their school uniforms yet, thus still rely on their old tattered clothes they used to wear on the streets. Most children in KENYA are beaten or sexually abused by parents, ravaged beyond their years by hard living conditions, drug abuse, life on the street, war, and stricken with A.I.D.S. These are common struggles against diseases and poverty. It is in pursuit of human and universal responsibility that our Vision to establish the above mentioned GOD WITH US ORPHAN AND WIDOW AID is now hereby highlighting the plight of the Kenyans living in hard conditions within the RURAL AREAS.
Our goal is to restore hope among Orphans, HIV/AIDS victims, Street/abandoned children and Widows.
Our main objectives are
1) To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ regarding our faith in GOD WITH US MINISTRY.
To improve the physical well being- the psychological stability of the young people, people living with HIV/AIDS, widows, street/abandoned children and orphans.
To continue to support their basic needs.
Due to HIV/AIDS pandemic, many women have been left widows with several orphans to feed for themselves with no or meagre resources to survive on with no support from immediate family. Widows are left helpless and orphans drop out of school. Older women (grandparents) are left with many orphans (grand children) to feed single handed. This has affected the moral, social, academic, economical and physical well being of the survivors causing bitter suffering. Depression, helplessness and poverty are the end result of this situation which is growing at an alarming rate.
1. God with us Orphan and widow aid’s activities are to provide material, psycho-social, academic, economic support to widows, people living with Aids, street/abandoned children and orphans.
2. Establish a support for Income Generating Activities (IGAs) boost for the widows taking care of orphans and older orphans taking care of their siblings.
3. Support orphans with fees where applicable.
4. Provision vocational training like Computer, Tailoring and Carpentry where necessary.
5. Crop Farming and Cattle keeping.
It is in three categories being:
Community orphans, street/abandoned children and widows.
2) Institutionalized (Primary School).
3) Sponsorship towards the local self help training.
These three categories have varied felt needs.
The activities in this programme include
- On going primary school for the project.
- Helping mature orphans to achieve self-reliance through vocational training, peer guidance and counselling.
- Monthly meetings for orphans from the instituted community groups.
- Community sensitization for behavioural change.
- Capacity building for the orphaned youths on childcare and IGA management.
- Vocational training and basic education sponsorships.
- Visit individual orphans’ project with a view of promoting them.
-Helping the widows start small businesses to help them be self reliant.
- Organizing conferences, picnics, retreats, rallies and other activities that would build the orphans and widows spiritually and positively.
Now that the number of orphans left behind surpasses all community support and sometimes are left completely with no adult support or with very old grandparents who are not able to meet their needs. A number of them have been forced to move to the streets to be able to survive and also to support their siblings.
This scourge has also left many children of the school going age not to be able to go to school because of lack of fees or have taken the parental roles. The need for counselling, education, spiritual and social empowerment is among the greatest needs here.
The God with us Orphan and widow aid encourages improvement of economic, academic and health status of these orphans through education and initiation of income generating activities (IGAs), establishment of a revolving loaning scheme programme for those who are already engaged in small scale businesses for sustainability purposes.
N/B:-God with us Orphan and widow aid is not able to meet the needs of the organization as at the moment due to the recent post election violence here in Kenya and is now making a special appeal for financial support.
God with us Orphan and widow aid P.O. BOX 39-50200
Bungoma– Kenya

Cell: +254725050755
E-mail: j.withus@yahoo.com

Mama Kevin lost her husband and has five Children. Lost her father in-law of 72 who was chopped in pieces and buried by the gang and her mother of 68 was forced to eat the brain of the relatives killed in her family before she was killed herself.

Unable to cope with the trauma of what she had experienced, the problems of raising her kids she decided to kill herself, but on the day she was going to lay on the Road to be run on with a lorry God stepped in. She found her way to GOD WITH US MINISTRY, where she says “I felt some comfort and I started to become a human being” she recalls. “I started to sleep for the first time in two years and to get friends and a new family. I received Jesus into my heart and he became my Lord. He became my refuge and he took off all my burdens.”

She is now an active WOMAN helping other women in the team, she is responsibility for the counselling of widows and orphans.


The goat is a wonderfully versatile animal with many economic advantages:
  1. it provides manure which increases crop yields dramatically so there is more likely to be spare crops to sell at market.
  2. it produces around three kids a year, each of which can be sold for the equivalent of an average monthly income.
  3. it is easy to raise and does not require much land.

GOD WITH US MINISTRY is seeking Fund to buy goats for widows.
We expect the first kid in every project is always given to another widow to keep the benefits spreading. We have just started with 3 and already one widow who suffered great loneliness after the Tribal clashes even said she didn’t feel alone after she received a goat and could share her problems with it!

GOD WITH US MINISTRY is seeking to develop long term support by re-establishing herds of cattle among widow’s co-operatives.
 The widows meet together in smaller groups of 15-20 for fellowship and comfort.

The provision of cattle to those co-operatives:
  • Provides an important source of nutrition through the milk.
  • Allows milk to be sold to pay for daily needs such as education, clothes and health care.
  • Produces manure which can significantly improve crop yields from the exhausted soils.
  • Allows calves to be donated to other widows so that more benefit
  • Provides a focus for the widows groups to support and encourage each other and the community around them.
For its success the project needs grazing land, sheds for shelter, good quality stock for cross breeding as well as native cattle.
Cattle have always occupied an important place in Kenyan society; their arrival at a wedding as a dowry can lead to long discussions between the two families about the respective merits of the cows and the bride, the bridegroom meanwhile being forgotten!

We began the Cattle Project in 2010 using $500 raised by the chairman, Moses Wanyonyi a man who loves development. This allowed GOD WITH US MINISTRY  to train widows in cattle husbandry, build two cow sheds in WESTERN  and establish two herds of cattle in that area.

At CHEBUKWA, to the east of Bungoma, a cattle shed has been built and a flourishing herd of improved breed cows is established though small. 2 Cows have now been distributed to individuals in chebukwa’ community who have a suitable field to rear them on. Even just one cow can make a huge difference to a survivor, providing milk to drink and around £2 a day through the sale of surplus milk, which exceeds the target income of both the government and GOD WITH US Ministry. Further we are delighted at the support given and are growing very fond of Frisian cows!
Cow Fundraising Project
This cow can help rescue 50 orphans. Everyday it will produce 10 litters of milk that can be sold through a local dairy to make God with us Orphanage completely sustainable with only 36 cows. Each cow costs $1000 due to the transportation cost. Would you be willing to help purchase a cow to make sure 50 kids are guaranteed a future? You can partner with us at any level, buy 1/4, 1/2, or a whole cow.
$1,000 for a whole cow ~ $500 for a 1/2 of a cow ~ $250 for a 1/4 of a cow
These cows truly can change the lives of the orphanage. It will mean that the orphans are guaranteed food, shelter, and clothes every month. Also, the staff will be able to get paid monthly to insure they can provide for their families and care for these kids. These cows will allow us to raise the standard of living by allowing us to be able to make facility upgrades such as beds and begin other self sustaining efforts. Overall, it will allow us to operate out of a place of strength and not desperation as we seek to provide for these children and bring more children to the orphanage and save even more lives.
 We want to thank you for supporting our efforts!!!In Advance
Together we can do more for the Kingdom of God here on earth and rise up a generation of children that will know and love the Lord.
ohh..amen my dear sister..i feel the lord saying....silver and gold all is mine and now look i bring in guys who will take you to where i have hid it for you for many years so that my work can move faster..for am coming very

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