Sunday, 4 August 2013

We are asking all the well wishers,donors,churches and any person woman or man that has a heart to standing with us to help in our need,our orphan and widow ministry is in a bad state and we are in nee of food,clothing's,sheets,shoes and any other help you deem fit...please here are our contact details..so that you can be of any help to us...we pray daily that as you help us may the lord remember you and fill you with goodness,bless you and your family,and bless your work and ministry too...waiting to here from you soon.
This widow her state is so bad,she is swollen because of no food,she has lost one kid becouse of hunger and starvation.

 Silvia is a good talented girl who wants to continue her school education but has no clothing's,school uniforms and books...we are asking you on her behalf to accept helping her out.

We also want to buy a cow for the widows that will help them get milk,and sometimes sell the offspring's to buy their daily needs or get their kids to school.

This is glads,rose and Susan..they are asking for help.

This is a group pic..of the orphans in the ministry.
Asking every day when will things change and will he live like other kids?
They also pray and ask the lord to forgive them,and that he should show mercy to them,open ways for food,clothings and give them a father and mother to take care of them.

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